Dorothy Yoder Author
Dorothy YoderAuthor

I consider 2018 a success. I was fortunate to have numerous speaking opportunities and book signings. I love talking to people about writing and about my books. This January and February have been slow which is typical and a pace I welcome after a busy Christmas season. I am begining to look at my options for 2019 and have listed what is confirmed thus far.

In the meantime, I continue to work on my next project. I am not ready to share with you what that is. I first must be confident that I can achieve my goal.

I have recovered from my terrible fall off a ladder last May...don't EVER plan to do that again. I hope for a more "normal" year in 2019.

To those of you who have sent me messages telling me how much you enjoyed the storylines, thank you. I appreciate my readers beyond words.

I am truly blessed. Thank you to my followers.



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