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Dorothy YoderAuthor

On April 12, Filter Press and I hosted a launch party in Monument to celebrate the release of Undeserved Consequences, a sequel to Redemption Ridge. A huge thanks to all my family and friends for their support is in order. I'm truly blessed. Thanks also to those of you who have sent me sent me messages telling me how much you enjoyed the story. I appreciate my readers beyond words.

On May 13, I fell off a ladder onto the garage floor and broke my left hip and left wrist. I had surgery on both and am still doing physical therapy. My mental fog is lifting, and I feel more "normal" every day. It has been a long recovery and most of my promotional plans for May and June had to be canceled. I participated in a couple of books signings and author talks in July and am looking forward to August and the rest of 2018. I have lots of catching up to do.

I have been pleased with the results of all my events thus far and have received many positive remarks and reviews on Undeserved Consequences. I have met new readers for Redemption Ridge, and I repeat, I am truly blessed. Thank you to my followers.



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