Dorothy Yoder Author
Dorothy YoderAuthor

Where has the year gone? The number of items on my list of goals for this year has not diminished. How can I stay so busy yet accomplish so little? Of course, I know the answer. I just don't want to admit it. I have too many interests, and I spend too much time thinking rather than acting. I did work on a short manuscript and now have put it aside until I decide what to do with it. I grabbed every opportunity for a book signing that came along which varied from month to month. I had a successful one at Barnes and Noble in May and will have another in November...which Saturday is undetermined at this time.

In July I spent a weekend in Westcliffe promoting my book. It is always a treat to speak with people who actually live in, or who are visiting, the setting for Redemption Ridge and Undeserved Consequences.

I never know where my ventues will take me but do look forward to progress in the next months. Good news: I have been forturnate to acquire some new "fans" and appreciate all my followers. I am truly blessed.



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