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Dorothy YoderAuthor

My writing life began the day I landed in Wellington, New Zealand. The burning question on my mind was how I would fill my days for the next two years. My husband’s employer had transferred us to that beautiful country, which allowed one work visa per family. Within a few weeks, I realized I had been given the gift of time. Writing takes a ton of time, total focus, incredible disciple and hard work. I had done considerable technical writing in my jobs, which required clarity, conciseness and proper grammar and punctuation. With my gift of time, I began by reading a number of books on the craft of writing novels and produced my first manuscript. I was satisfied with the quality of my writing, but the plot fell flat. When I returned the States, I enrolled in some writing courses, both novel and children’s literature. I went on to achieve some success in writing nonfiction for magazines, both children and adult.

I have always enjoyed reading mystery/suspense and that determined the genre I would write. I also love psychology and need to know what motivates a character and what she is thinking. I like character driven novels, because I want to see the characters as real people. I want to know them. In my suspense novels, I spend a bit more time on my characters and getting into their heads than most mystery authors.

I also love writing picture books for 4-7 year olds, which is one of the toughest markets into which to break. But, I keep trying.

Two rewards keep me writing. The first is reading a passage that I nailed. The second is meeting a fan that loved my book and can’t stop talking about the characters.

I have had careers in accounting and operations management for corporations and non-profit organizations and most recently, as a freelance writer for magazines, both children’s and adult. I have lived in Florida, Nebraska, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Zealand. I currently reside in Colorado and serve in my church and community and value time spent with my family and friends. Fueled by my appreciation for nature’s beauty, my favorite pastime is hiking the innumerable trails of the Rocky Mountains.

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